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Bath Rugs

Indian Bath Rug Manufacturers & Exporters!

Manufacturing & Exporting of Bath Mat & Rug is our core business. We deals in all type of Bathroom mat & rugs with 100s of unique designs in different patterns, textures, styles, usage, shape, colors and sizes like:

  • Fabric: Cotton Bath Rugs, Rayon Chenille Bath Rugs & Cotton Chenille Bath Rugs etc.
  • Style: Luxury Bath Rugs, Contemporary Bath Rugs, Designer Bath Rugs, Shag Bath Rugs, Loop Bath Rugs, Normal, Low & High price range Bath Rugs.
  • Usage: Reversible Bath Rugs, Bath Mat or Rug Sets, Washable, non skid or non slip Bath Mats.
  • Shapes: Rectangular Bath Rugs, Oval Bath Rugs, Round Bath Rugs, Floral Bath Rugs, Square Bath Rugs.
  • Colors: Solid, Stripes or Multi Color Bath Rugs. We can match almost every color with high accuracy. Just submit your color sample.
  • Sizes: Small to Large & Custom sizes. Common sizes are 60×90 cm, 90×150 cm, 120×180 cm, 140×200 cm

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Note: We can easily customize our rugs according to your requirement for different sizes, colors, designs & shapes etc.. Kindly Submit Your Enquiry! and we’ll be happy to fulfill your requirement.


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